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8/31/06  I put up a few more MP3 rarities, including Steve's "Shortstop" track from the Roaring Lambs project, live versions of "The Moshing Floor" and "Elle G." (a cover of the Newsboys song, for which Steve wrote the lyrics) and his demo of "Lead Me", which he never properly recorded.  They're all in the mp3/other directory.

A visitor informed me that ITunes' copy of "On The Fritz" isn't of particularly good quality, with occasional pops and skips.  For anyone who has downloaded that album and wants a better copy quality, please contact me and I'll help you out.  But this offer is only for those who already own a copy.

8/1/06  Oh, yeah, "The Second Chance" is out on DVD, so buy it!  I also got an E-mail from a guy who interviewed Steve on the radio.  He has a site where you can listen to the interview here.  The good news is that Steve is at work on another movie and also writing lyrics for the next Newsboys' album, which comes out in the fall.  The bad news is that he doesn't seem likely to be making any music of his own anytime soon.

6/1/06  As of today, most of the free downloads are gone.  I did leave up the three tracks from "On The Fritz" that ITunes currently does not have, the "Lament of Desmond" promo CD, and all non-album tracks and rarities, which are still at TaylorDownloads.  I've also removed the links to other people's sites who were hosting albums for me, and would like to thank them for letting me have use of their space.  If it's any consolation, there is a new video added to the download section, for the Chagall Guevara song "Violent Blue" (which happens to be my favorite of Steve's songs!)  It's an excellent video.  Thanks, Kyle!

5/19/06  Sorry, but the free downloads will be gone by the end of the month, so if you want them and haven't gotten them yet, nab them now!  With the recent increase in pay-per-download sites, I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before Steve's catalog becomes available on a pay site.  It's also taking up a lot of my bandwidth.  Those who are currently hosting songs for me on other sites may continue to keep their songs up if they want, but I'll remove links to their sites.  I'll probably leave up the links to rare non-album tracks.

3/26/06  Sorry I haven't updated in a while!  Steve's movie "Second Chance" has been released, but, sadly, is not playing anywhere near my house.  I'm hoping to catch it in a theater sometime soon, but will probably have to wait until the DVD release.

11/16/05  I have made a section for links regarding Steve's upcoming full-length theatrical debut, "The Second Chance", which is currently just below

Links regarding the "Second Chance" movie, which Steve Taylor co-writes and directs: (to bypass the registration, give the info on this page)

Though some of these articles say the film is being released in Fall 2005, the actual current release date is February 2006.

"Welcome dear listener, are you comfortable?"

Born Roland Stephen Taylor on December 9, 1957, Steve Taylor grew up to become one of the most intelligent, energetic, humorous, and outspoken artists in the music industry. A Christian who isn't afraid to criticize or mock Christianity (when due), he has also become one of the most incindiery and controversial musicians the world has ever seen, earning a good dose of character assassination in a book by Jimmy Swaggart, and even having a major portion of a tour cancelled due to his controversial lyrics.

Even his primary influences are unorthodox for a Christian singer. He writes, "When I picked up the Clash's 'London Calling' it all finally made sense. Musically, that album saved my life. It had raw passion, it had lyrics that were a slap across the face, it had everything but hope. The Clash saw the problems of the world with startling clarity, they just weren't offering much in the way of solutions. To sum it up, I'd found my mission".

Why is he so controversial? Just listen to songs like "I Want To Be A Clone", "I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good", "Lifeboat", "Jesus Is For Losers", or "Easy Listening" and you'll know.

He says, "Probably the thing that drew me towards writing the kind of songs that I do is because I think you have to engage people's minds, as well as their emotions, in an effective presentation of Christianity, and it's very hard to do that. Much of modern Christian songwriting does a really good job of engaging the emotions, but doesn't do a very good job of engaging the mind. Probably some of the satire and word play in the songs that I write is a result of feeling that that's an important element of it all."

Taylor was also a member of the all-too-short-lived band Chagall Guevara (their name taken from artist Marc Chagall and freedom-fighter Che Guevara. Hmmm...perhaps a statement about artistic freedom?) which, though comprised of Christian recording artists, recorded for a mainstream audience on the MCA label. Their only album received rave reviews in publications such as Rolling Stone, but due to lacking promotion on MCA's part, sold poorly. Never being given a second printing, the CD is now widely-sought, but difficult to find.  Chagall Guevara toured the U.K. in 1992 as the opening act for Squeeze.

Speaking of touring, his concerts are known to be a little wild.  Regarding his last tour, Steve says, "It was a pretty physical tour. You can hear it in the recording (The "Liver" CD), especially the parts where my voice goes in and out from thrashing around. I came home with plenty of souvenirs: a cracked rib in Colorado Springs, a bloody nose in Lancaster, cuts and bruises virtually every night. In Houston, while doing the obligatory cartwheel, I somehow kicked the tuning peg right off of Wade Jaynes` bass, It was a perfect, clean break, and it just sailed across the hall over the heads of the audience. The guys in the band quickly learned when to duck and where to dodge, but I think the nights with smaller stages made everyone a little edgy.  And of course, audiences now are much more physical too, as far as moshing in the pit. Its actually a lot more fun playing live these days than it was ten years ago. It seems like the wall between stage and audience is a lot thinner these days."

Having become disillusioned with the constraints imposed by both mainstream and Christian recording labels, Steve has only recorded one solo studio album in the last decade. He says, "The music business needs to undergo a radial re-alignment...Record companies have too much power and artists get treated like indentured servants."  In 1997, Taylor formed his own record label, "Squint", so that he, and the bands which sign with the label, can record without being stifled by the difficulties he's had in dealing with other labels.  One band that signed, Burlap To Cashmere, was courted by many major record labels, but were refused when they refused to tone down the Christianity in their lyrics.  Squint was about the only label that would give them mainstream exposure without constraining their lyrical integrity.  Sadly, the label was disbanded in September 2001.

In the last several years, Steve has taken to writing and producing for artists such as Phil & John (folk), Guardian (heavy metal), The Newsboys (pop-rock), and Sixpence None The Richer (alternative). Squint has already released CDs by Sixpence NTR,  Burlap to Cashmere (folk-rock), The Insyderz (ska), Waterdeep (light rock), and Chevelle (hard rock).

Taylor says, "My generation didn't listen to politicians or sports heroes. We got our world view, for better or worse, from our music. The trick was discovering how to communicate my Christian world view in a medium that mattered."

He also says, "It is probably true that I've written songs in the past, sort of cautionary tales and they were cautioning myself as well as the listener. I suppose I've set my markers on life's path as far as different songs to nail down a stake in the ground to, 'Don't cross off into that direction because you wrote songs like that and you're going to look like an idiot if you do.' The fear of embarrassment can be very potent."

Is it nods of approval or the truth that you want?

Yesterday's News 

9/7/05  The album "I Predict 1990" has now joined "Squint" at Scott's website, which is at  "Liver" will also be moved there in the near future.  Thanks again, Scott!

9/6/05  A visitor named Scott has volunteered some of his webspace for downloading.  I've already moved "Squint" to his space (there may be other albums moved there).  Also, the version of "Squint" on Scott's space was ripped at a better quality than the one I had here previously, so if you're looking for a better sound quality, you might want to download it again.  It's at  Thanks, Scott!

9/4/05  It's been pointed out to me that the ITunes copy of "On The Fritz" is missing three tracks, "On The Fritz", "I Manipulate" and "Drive, He Said".  I have made those tracks available for free download at  Also, Steve's feature-length directorial debut, "The Second Chance" has had its release date pushed back to February of next year.  There's a trailer that can be viewed online at

In other news, CCM magazine reports that "Steve Taylor and his wife Debbie are delighted to announce the newest member of their family: seven-year-old Sarah Namubiru. The Taylors met Sarah in June of 2004 while visiting the Agape Children's Village outside of Kampala, Uganda. (Agape is a home for orphans primarily funded by Compassion International.) On February 23, the Ugandan High Court granted them guardianship (with intent to adopt) of Sarah, and they arrived home in Nashville on Easter Sunday."  Thanks, Pilar!

8/31/05  Sorry I haven't updated or responded to any E-mail in awhile.  I've been having some problems with my AOL server, and then I was also on vacation for a few weeks.  I will try to respond to any E-mails waiting for me from past months.  And in the meantime, I have again changed my contact info, so go to contact if you want to send me an E-mail.

5/7/05  For any guitar players out there, a list of Taylor's guitar tabs can be found online at and the bass tabs to a couple of songs can be found at

4/2/05  I just found out that ITunes has made Steve's entire Sparrow records collection (I Want To Be A Clone, Meltdown, On The Fritz, and Best We Could Find) available for paid download.  This means that those albums will no longer be made available through my website, though you can still get later albums through my Downloads site.

3/11/05  Two more Steve Taylor bootlegs are now available from Mint Shows' Website.  These are Steve's performances at Cornerstone '85 and Creation '88.  Huge thanks to D. Rex (who provided the recordings), Troy Davis (who compiled the recordings) and Mint Shows (who put them online for us all).

Also, there is now a website for the movie "The Second Chance", which Steve Taylor has directed and should be in theaters in fall of 2005.  The website is at, and includes a photo gallery from the movie, and you can also vote for your favorite poster and sign up to get updates.

Also also, if anyone's had trouble getting the song "Baby Doe" from the download site, you can also get it from

2/8/05  Yet another Steve Taylor bootleg has popped up, a recording of his show at the Creation Festival in 1994.  This one is probably the best quality recording of all of the bootlegs, and can be downloaded from Mint Shows' website.  Big thanks to Mint Shows , Jason Wright (who provided the recording) and Troy Davis (who compiled the recording).  This makes four more bootlegs that have popped up in the last week or so, and there may be more coming soon!

2/1/05  Mint Shows has put up three new Steve Taylor live bootlegs, which are performances at Ichthus in 1984, Kansas City in 1988 and at Cornerstone 1996.  Thanks to Mint Shows, Michael Toth, Josh Prins and Troy Davis.

12/21/04  The Steve Taylor bootleg albums are now available online!  Keep in mind that these are FLAC files which are quite bulky, so they will take a while to download (depending on your internet connection).  If you still subscribe to dial-up, you may still want to get them via snail mail (which I can provide here).  They can be downloaded directly through this site:  Thanks so much, Mint Shows!

11/3/04  The new Newsboys' album, "Devotion", came out yesterday.  Steve Taylor did not produce this album (he was co-executive producer, though).  Steve wrote the lyrics to "I Love Your Ways" and "The Orphan" and co-wrote the lyrics to "Devotion", "Presence (My Heart's Desire)", "Strong Tower", "God Of Nations" and "Landslide Of Love".  And all of the lyrics, even those Steve did not write, will be added to my Newsboys site.

10/19/04  The Cornerstone 1987 bootleg is available for download through, and Troy at says the specific link is (I can't verify the link, since the site is down at the moment).  The album is available in FLAC format.  If you're looking for other Steve Taylor bootlegs, I have some at this page, which also has information about playing FLAC files.

10/10/04  I got some more info on Steve Taylor's feature-length directorial debut, "The Second Chance", from Michael W. Smith's website (  It's currently filming in Nashville, and is expected to be released in fall of 2005.  That site has a brief synopsis of the movie.  It's evidently about a well-to-do suburban pastor (Michael W. Smith) and a poor urban pastor (newcomer Jeff Carr) who are forced to work together in the inner city.  Steve directs, co-writes and co-produces.

Thanks, Pilar!

Also, I've had two people E-mail me recently with questions, and when I tried E-mailing them back, my E-mails were being blocked by their accounts, so I can't get in touch with them.  One was asking whether I'd like a copy of the video for the song "On The Fritz" and the other was asking where he can obtain the album "On The Fritz".  For the first guy, I would love to have a copy of that video - please fix your mail controls so I can tell you where to send it (I don't want to put my home address on my website).  If that's not possible, E-mail me your home address and I'll get in touch with you via snail mail.  For the second guy, you can download the MP3's of the album at my downloads site, or I have information on how to buy Steve's albums down below in the Frequently Asked Questions site.  I don't have any copies of the album to sell, myself.

6/16/04  I recently acquired ten disks of Steve Taylor bootleg material (mostly live tracks, plus some other stuff) from Troy at  I made a section listing the albums and what's on them for those who are curious.  Click here to see the listing.  I'm also in the process of transcribing any spoken bits, introductions and such, on the live albums.  I also added lyrics to two covers that Steve has done live, Pass It On and I Got A Line On You, and the lyrics for the demos of Guilty By Association, Bouquet, Sin For A Season and Whatever Happened To Sin, since the lyrics to the demos were slightly different than those of the finished songs.

4/27/04 The site is selling used Christian music.  I don't see any Steve Taylor music at the moment (they did just sell Chagall Guevara's album for $18), but they have a lot of other great albums available.

4/1/04  Longtime Newsboys guitarist Jody Davis, who's worked with the band since their 1994 "Going Public" album, has quit the band.  He's been replaced by Casting Pearls guitarist Brian Oleson.

3/24/04   Steve Taylor mentioned my web site in CCM Magazine!  In their "26 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Steve Taylor" article, most of which is online at, Steve refers to my web site (this page in particular) in item 14!  How cool is that!?!  I'd heard rumors that Steve had been to my web site, but it's great to know for sure. I feel like Steve Martin in "The Jerk" when he sees his name in the phone book ("I'm somebody now!"). Steve (Taylor, not Martin) also talks about the movie he starts shooting this summer.  It's called "Second Chance", and he describes it as "Training Day set in an inner-city church".

And some bad news I just found out about.  Sixpence None The Richer has called it quits.  Steve produced their breakthrough self-titled album, which included their hit "Kiss Me".

3/13/04 I just purchased Charlie Peacock's "Full Circle" album, which is a collection of remakes of his songs with assistance of other artists.  The song "Lie Down In The Grass" has Steve Taylor and Margaret Becker joining Charlie on vocals. 

2/7/04  I made a page for the "Lament of Desmond" promotional CD at CD/LamentPromo

1/31/04  Tim has volunteered some of his web space to put up the "Meltdown & Meltdown Remixes" album.  His page is at  Thanks, Tim!

12/21/03  Bryan added the entire "I Predict 1990 Video Album" to his webspace.  You can get it from his site at or through my downloads page.  He also has "Lifeboat" and "Meltdown (At Madame Tussaud's)", plus live films of "I Want To Be A Clone" and "On The Fritz" (from the "Limelight" movie), and a "Limelight" promotional film.

I came across a really good article in CCM Magazine about Steve and the "I Predict 1990" album.  It's at

12/6/03  If anyone's interested, Steve's "Life Of A Dreamer" autobiographical short film is part of a collection that can be purchased at

11/26/03  I posted the text to the "Life Of A Dreamer" autobiographical film that Steve showed before the Cornerstone 2003 concert (which I transcribed from the audio text of the "Live At Cornerstone 2003" bootleg album).  Click here to see it.

11/25/03  Excellent!  MPeters has posted live tracks from Steve's shows at Cornerstone 2003.  You can download them at  This includes the entire Cornerstone concert, plus two songs from Creation 2003 that he didn't perform at Cornerstone.

11/17/03  "Chagall Guevara" can now be downloaded at  Thanks, MPeters!

10/7/03  A visitor sent me a link to his site, where you can download a lot of free Christian music.  A lot of my favorite bands are up there, so give it a shot if you're looking for more music from Jesus lovers!  It's at  They even have some songs by the heavy metal band Guardian, that Steve wrote some lyrics for and/or produced.

I also added lyrics to a few songs that Steve recorded, but did not write.  They are "Not Gonna Fall Away", "Treasure Of The Broken Land" and "Winter Wonderland"

9/30/03  A visitor pointed me to another site selling Steve's albums and other out-of-print Christian music.  Just check out  They currently have "I Want To Be A Clone" ($13-$20 depending on quality), "Liver" ($9-$17), and "Squint" ($9 used) on CD, plus "Meltdown" ($9 used) and "On The Fritz" ($6 used) on Cassette, and "Limelight" ($20 new) on LP.

9/21/03  I put up a page for the 1994 Steve Taylor tribute album, "I Predict A Clone", with various bands covering his songs.  The page includes the track listing and entire liner notes & album info.

7/14/03  A visitor sent me a link to the text of a press conference Steve gave on July 4th at the Cornerstone Festival.  It's at
Some of the most important news from this press conference:
1)  Steve says, "Squint dissolved, or at least my involvement dissolved, in September of 2001." Despite some financial help from Big Idea Productions (the creators of VeggieTales), Steve is no longer in control of the Squint Records label or any of the acts signed to it.
2)  The "Saint Gimp" movie project will likely never be completed, though Steve is involved in some other film projects.  Steve says, "I've been working almost exclusively, especially for the last nine months, on film projects...We're supposed to start shooting in January. It's decent budget, $2.1 million dollars."
3)  It's unlikely that Steve's albums will be reissued in the near future. "Personally, if you want to get them off the Internet, I have no problem with that, go ahead. They are not available, have at it."  In response to this, I may put up a few more MP3's on my Downloads page, though my web space limits me from putting too much up.
4)  As for new music from Steve, "I've recorded different demos at different junctures," he says, but he doesn't sound hopeful for there being a new album in the near future.
5)  And regarding putting out unreleased Chagall Guevara tracks, "There are some songs that have never been released. There was a live album that we recorded at a club in Nashville that I think sounds really good, but we've never actually mixed it. We kicked around the idea of putting something together and putting that out, because it was a really good live band. The problem was is that that show that was recorded we also videoed and we've been on the hunt. It was a guy that had done it as a favor, and somewhere, probably in Nashville, Tennessee in some vault, are three beta tapes of that performance, and we can't find them anywhere. If we ever could find that, we might put out a live DVD, but until that case, I'm not sure."

4/22/03  A visitor wrote me and said she's pretty sure that Steve makes a cameo in Sixpence None The Richer's new video, "Breathe Your Name".  He's the really tall guy (obviously) among a group of people dancing in an apartment.  I haven't seen  the video yet, myself.  I did check to see if Steve perchance directed this video (he directed the original "Kiss Me" video for them), but it was directed by Brandon Dickerson, whoever that is...

3/20/03  Steve was named Songwriter of the Year by SESAC, and his publishing company, Soylent Tunes got the Christian Publisher of the Year award.  There's a story and photos about this event at  I'm guessing this award was for his work with the Newsboys, since that's the only stuff he wrote last year.

2/16/03  A reader sent me a link to an online article written by Steve, an excellent piece on ministry vs. entertainment.  It's at

10/15/02  Due to popular demand (namely that of my 15-year-old daughter, Ashley), I made a website about her favorite band, The Newsboys.  Since I already had all of the Newsboys lyrics that were written by Steve on this site, I just had to add the ones not written by Steve, and stuck them all on another site.  I have the lyrics to all of their songs (even the ones from the not-so-good pre-Steve-Taylor years).  Anyhoo, to visit the site, click here: Woo-Hoo!  Also, I did finally see the new VeggieTales movie, but unfortunately had to leave during the credits (we had tickets to another movie starting in a few minutes) so I only heard the first few seconds of the song "Belly of the Whale", the song the Newsboys do with Steve.

9/28/02 The new VeggieTales movie (their first full-length theatrical release) contains a song with lyrics by Steve and recorded with the Newsboys. The song is called "Belly of the Whale". Steve himself sings a reggae/rap vocal at the end of the song. The VeggieTales movie is based on the story of Jonah. Coincidentally, I'd written a VeggieTales script (just for the fun of it) based on the story of Jonah back in 1998. If you'd like to see my script, click here.

3/4/2002  I just posted the lyrics to three songs that Steve helped write for the Newsboys "Shine - The Greatest Hits" package.  Those songs are "Who", "Praises" and "Joy".  Steve also co-produced these tracks with Peter Furler.

6/30/2000  I have made a web page for the Roaring Lambs album.  This album contains the new Steve Taylor song 'Shortstop' (the song kicks butt!) plus 4 songs produced or co-produced by Steve (nothing written by him but 'Shortstop', though).

6/16/2000  Lucky me!  In tonight's live chat with Steve Taylor at, I got to ask him a question!  I asked, "So, Steve, have you signed any new bands to Squint recently?"  Steve replied, "Yes, there is a hip-hop group out of L.A. called 'L.A. Symphony.  8 MC's and a DJ out of Los Angeles.  Their style is very innovative, they all love God!  They've got alot of celebrities from the hip-hop world working with them, including 'Will I Am' from 'Black Eyed Peas', Prince Paul from De La Soul...and Mario C. who produces Beastie Boys, it is shaping up to be a really great record.  I think it will break alot of new ground."

How can I get in touch with Steve?

I've had quite a few people ask me for Steve's E-mail or home address.  Unfortunately, except for talking to him briefly in a chat room a few years ago, I have never been in contact with Steve, nor do I know how to get a hold of him.

If Steve happens to be visiting my site (Hi, Steve!), I would love it if he would send me an E-mail to let me know what he thinks.  I'll keep his contact info to myself if he doesn't want me to share it.

Is Steve's material hard to find?

Finding his music seems to be getting harder and harder, and there are no plans to re-release older albums at this point.  I was able to find most of his albums at my local Family Christian store just a few years back, but I've been hearing lately that people haven't been able to get them this way.  Even the big online Christian Music stores like seem to be running low.
If you're looking for his CD's, check the following sites - I've seen copies recently, mostly used, but the prices aren't that bad:

Also, in general, the froogle search engine is an engine which only searches online stores, so it's a great way to find anything you're looking to buy.  Steve has given his fans permission to download his music off the internet, so do not feel guilty if you want to get them this way.  I have almost everything Steve put out in general release on my Downloads page, and you can get bootlegs at Mint Shows' website.

I listen to Christian radio, but don't hear much of Steve's music.  Why is that?

One reason is that Steve hasn't released much new material in the last decade, and Christian radio tends to play contemporary music.  Another reason is because he is a very controversial artist.  Christian radio generally tries to play music that will not offend any of their listeners, but much of Steve's music tends to offend.  He frequently mocks Christians who subscribe to a cheap-grace mentality (check out Sin For A Season or On The Fritz, for example).  Though nothing he says is contrary to Biblical Christianity, his music is very bold, and he is not afraid to speak his mind.  Christian radio is much friendlier to the songs he has written for the Newsboys (Steve wrote the lyrics to Shine, Breakfast, and Take Me To Your Leader, three of their most popular songs, among others), but those songs aren't quite as controversial as his solo material.

If I like Steve's music, what other bands might I like?

Other than the bands I mentioned at the beginning of this web page, for which Steve has written and produced, I would also highly recommend Terry Scott Taylor (no relation to Steve), who is a solo artist and also the frontman for the bands Daniel Amos, The Swirling Eddies, and a member of the Lost Dogs.  I would also recommend Michael Knott, Rick Altizer, The Call, Fleming And John, and The 77's.  I also believe that Steve Taylor is a fan of the bands Hokus Pick, Dakoda Motor Co, Split Level, Dig Hay Zoose, The Choir and Rez Band (AKA Resurrection Band).  At least, he has thanked these bands in various liner notes on his CDs.  In a live chat at, he also mentioned liking Collective Soul and POD.  I would also check out most of the bands on the Roaring Lambs project.

What instrument does Steve play?

He rarely plays any instruments.  He considers himself a singer, songwriter and producer, and generally leaves the playing to others.  However, he did play keyboards on his first album, "I Want To Be A Clone", and drums on his song "I Manipulate", and I've also heard that he took up the trombone when playing live with Chagall Guevara, and rumor has it that he played trombone on the Chagall Guevara album under the alias 'Junior'.

Will Steve ever record another album?

Not in the near future, but keep your fingers crossed.  He apparently does have some demos recorded.

Which album is his best one?  Which is the worst?  

Beauty is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder.  But personally, I think that Steve is someone who just gets better and better over time, so I'd say the more recent the album, the better it is.  I'd say that "Squint" (his most recent) is his best album and "I Want To Be A Clone" (his first album) is his worst.  However, many people I talk to think that "I Predict 1990" is his best.

Click here to see the Steve Taylor Discography, including albums he produced for other bands, and his assistance with other projects

Before going into a career in music, Steve was seeking a career in movie-making.  He still manages to put his skills to work now and then directing films and videos.  Here is a (hopefully) accurate list of some of Steve's film work.

  1. "Baby Talk" (short comedy film, Steve co-stars)

  2. "Meltdown (At Madame Tussaud's) (Steve Taylor video)

  3. "A Principled Man" (Steve Taylor video)

  4. "Jim Morrison's Grave" (Steve Taylor video)

  5. "Harder To Believe Than Not To" (Steve Taylor video)

  6. "On The Fritz" (Steve Taylor video)

  7. "Shine" (Newsboys video)

  8. "Greenbelt '88 On Super 8" (documentary)

  9. "Squint-Movies From The Soundtrack" (collection of videos from Steve's 'Squint' CD)

  10. "Newsboys Down Under The Big Top" (hour-length musical comedy movie.  Steve wrote and has a cameo playing himself.  It's VERY funny!)

  11. "Kiss Me" (Sixpence None The Richer video, he directed the original black & white version, not the later version that tied in to the "She's All That" movie)

  12. "Deep Calling Deep" (Margaret Becker video)

  13. "Trip To Pain" (Dakoda Motor Co. video)

  14. "Truth" (Dakoda Motor Co. video)

  15. "Lead the Way" (Guardian video)

  16. "All You Need" (Out Of The Grey video)

  17. "Gravity" (Out Of The Grey video)

  18. "What Am I Without You?" (Twila Paris video)

  19. "Persuit Of A Legacy" (Rich Mullins video album)

  20. "Save the World" (Eric Champion video)

Some of the information on this page is borrowed from these other pages.  I hope they don't mind...

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Note:  Most of the Taylor quotes on this page are either from the liner notes to "Now The Truth Can Be Told" or from the "Lighthouse Magazine" article in November, 1993.  Photos and CD covers are borrowed from various web sites.  Most of the other images are my creations.

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