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'I PREDICT 1990' - 1987 (produced by The Beaufort Twins)
1. I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good
2. What Is The Measure Of Your Success?
3. Since I Gave Up Hope I Feel A Lot Better
4. Babylon
5. Jim Morrison's Grave
6. Svengali
7. Jung and the Restless
8. Innocence Lost
9. A Principled Man
10. Harder To Believe Than Not To

Regarding the controversial cover, which critics claimed included new-age or satanic symbols, Steve says, "It wasn't like a couple people shooting off, enough people were believing it . At a certain point, I was spending more time defending myself than I was talking about music and the mission and all that. I'm very seldom angry. I'm usually a very happy guy. It was uncomfortable to always be defending those things that I felt were so ridiculous--[I felt like asking] 'Should I not at least get the benefit of the doubt on some of the issues that seem pretty absurd?'  Some of that I didn't mind because, when you're talking about controversial songs like 'We Don't Need No Colour Code' or something like that, I'm happy to talk about that stuff, because that's worth talking about. When you're talking about tarot cards and new age hand signs, that's no fun--that's just silly.  That, combined with just the sense that if I wanted to keep doing this, I wanted to be able to achieve certain artistic goals, as far as concerts, the production, making records, and being able to achieve a certain standard there. It was really going to require toning down or becoming more mainstream as a gospel artist to keep selling that number of records and all that stuff. To me, whatever I'm doing, there needs to be joy and there needs to be enthusiasm. I felt like I could leave at that time with all those things intact, but if I would have stayed in and did another album and did another tour that I would be definitely flirting with carrying on for the wrong reasons. It was a good time to bow out gracefully."

Liner Notes:


S.T.: Vocals
Dave Thrush: Saxophones
Jeff Stone: Guitar
Glen Holmen: Bass
Jack Kelly: Drums
Steve Goomas: Keyboards
Gym Nicholson: Guitar


Dave Perkins: Additional guitar tracks on all songs except "Jim Morrison's Grave" and "Harder To Believe"
Greg Husted: Assorted keyboard tracks and accordian
Papa John Creach: Fiddle
Ashley Cleveland: Vocal stylings on "Jim Morrison's Grave," "Svengali," and "Babylon"
Annie McCaig: Backing vocals on "Success" and "A Principled Man"
Nathan East: Bass on "Clinic"
Gary Lunn: Bass on "Hope"
Lisa Cates: Percussion
Mike Mead: More percussion
Mary Bates: Operatic vocal on "Harder To Believe"
Jim Horn: Tenor sax on "Clinic"
Ross Holmen: French horn
John Schreiner: Synth bass on "Svengali"
Janet Croninger: "Jung" woman
Fred Travalena: "Jung" doctor

"Harder To Believe Than Not To" was orchestrated by Del Newman

PRODUCED BY THE BEAUFORT TWINS (Steve Taylor and Dave Perkins)

Engineered by David Schober and Dave Perkins.
Mixed by David Schober, Dave Perkins, Malcom Harper and Steve Taylor
Assistant Engineer: Robert Wartinbee.
"Harder To Believe" engineered by Michael Ross.
Recorded at: Music Grinder, Los Angeles; Reelsound Bus, Nashville; Wayne Cook Studios, Los Angeles; CBS Studios, London.
Mixed in the 48 track Reelsound truck, Austin
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, New York


The musical introduction and bridge to "Babylon" were written by Dave Perkins.  The ending theme of "Jim Morrison's Grave" was borrowed from Claude Debussy.  The introduction to "Harder To Believe" was stolen from Sergei Rachmaninoff.

THANKS: Tim Swift, Sue Perkins, Roland Lundy, Deb Rhodes, John Huie, Bill Hearn, Peter York, Bob Angelotti, Scott Huie, my parents, Dawn Taylor, Dawn, O'Hanlon, Melissa Helm, Mike Nachtigal, Malcolm Harper, Chuck Smith, Jr., Calvary Chapel of Capistrano Beach, Jim & Janice Chaffee, Annie McCaig, Nick Battle, Ed & Tami Wannebo, Marlin Summers, Cam Floria, Adele Meisenheimer, Lars Petersson, Lasse Olson, Jim Hancock, Chuck Hurewitz, Jeff Light, Richard Green, The Brokaw Company, Dan Russell, Chuck & Soozi Bolte, Philip Mangano, Mike & Karla Yaconelli, Jim Hodson, Rich Van Pelt, Jim & Terri Taylor, Tic Long, Frank Jenks, Ted Bleymaier, Dick Bozzi, Martin Wroe, Jim Long, David & Sara Bruce, Wayne Cook, Mark Maxwell, Laurie Fink, Lorri Si, Tom Willett, Chris Willman D. Dee Jaynes, Gena Buskirk, Jack Clark, Karen Andrew, Joy Smith, Barbara Hearn, Jenny Lockwald, Julie Hinton, Diane Swift, Kim Stone, Debbie Goomas, Carla Schober, Kathy Nichols, Pat Nicholson, Debbie Hendley, Maria Sarno, Debora Howell, Reed Davis, the Word U.K. staff, David & Colleen Butler, Five Penguin Design, Ron Filecia, Gary Skardina, Rose Harte, Tony Merrill, Holly Benyousky, Brian Martin, Raymond Bannister, Philip Lloyd, Dan Lawrence, John Styll, Robby & Debby Edwards, Glen Hatch, Tracy Paulson, Slade Barnett, Denny Siegrist, Dave Hackbarth, Buzz Bolton, Kevin & Jan Craik, Shawn Stevens, Scott Parker, Kevin Burns, Mark Francovich, Larry Mah, Ralph Henley, Larry Webber, Matt & Laurie Crouch, James Tyler, Dennis Holt, Jeff Crocker, Russ & Lori Taff for accommodations, Steve & Kim Camp for more accomodations, David & Rebecca Nickel, Dave & Debbie Mulligan, Christopher, Christina & Joshua Swift, Audry, Kyle & Quinn Perkins, Zion Guitars (played by Jeff Stone), all of our concert promoters, and anyone who read this in one sitting.

SPECIAL THANKS: to Lynn Nichols, Norman Miller and Sheila Walsh, and Billy Ray Hearn

For Debbie, without whom...


The All Music Guide says:
It's small surprise the Christian community all but disowned Taylor after songs like "I Blew up the Clinic Real Good" and "Since I Gave up Hope I Feel a Lot Better." The songs on I Predict 1990 don't look for easy answers — they rarely look for answers at all — and they're often unsettling. But half of Taylor's point is that life rarely gives easy answers. The other half is in the final song: "Harder to Believe than Not To."