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'CHAGALL GUEVARA' - 1991 (produced by Matt Wallace and Chagall Guevara)
1. Murder In The Big House
2. Escher's World
3. Play God
4. Monkey Grinder
5. Can't You Feel The Chains?
6. Violent Blue
7. Love Is A Dead Language
8. Take Me Back To Love Canal
9. The Wrong George
10. Candy Guru
11. I Need Somebody
12. The Rub of Love
13. If It All Comes True

Other Chagall Guevara songs
(these three songs can be downloaded at my Download page)

Title Source
Tale O The Twister 'Pump Up The Volume'
movie soundtrack (bonus
track on CD and cassette)
Treasure of the Broken Land 'Strong Hand of Love-A
Tribute to Mark Heard'
Still Know Your Number By Heart 'Violent Blue' radio single
(European version only)

(very rare Violent Blue Single w/ "Still Know Your Number By Heart"-front and back)

About the band, Steve says, "All of us are Christians. None of us are ashamed of our faith, but it's like everyone had their guard up, and I think some of us in the band were almost paranoid about being associated with gospel music. I was not particularly, because I was very happy with what I had done in the past and I felt that, at a certain point, it becomes inevitable that if we achieved any measure of success, the press will start sniffing around and will find out everything about us anyway. So, there's no sense trying to act like we're something that we're not from the beginning. For me it's no fun to try to reinvent your past, trying to say that you came from some place you didn't come from--not that that necessarily happened. I've seen other incidents where gospel musicians are trying to make a cross-over and they sort of act like they're someone that they really aren't. I think that always creates problems."

About the album, Steve says, "I really like the record we made, but towards the end, the pressures of trying to make a living trying to do it, especially for the guys who have families, just became overwhelming. It's still a hard thing to put my finger on. I would love to do some more stuff in the future, but I think I made the comment in the band's last year of existence that it was starting to feel like it was more of a hobby than it was a real band, especially since we weren't playing live much--which was one of the cornerstones of being a band in the first place. I think there was a certain sense of mission that, if it ever did exist, which it might have at first, it was starting to get lost. For myself, I was really missing that sense of purpose, beyond just making a good record or being successful or the normal things that go along with making a record. There was definitely a sense of mission that I felt when I was a solo artist that I was becoming wistful for. It was that thing that can propel your writing a lot more succinctly sometimes. When that starts going, other forces start to take over. Those are the things that sort of pulled it apart."

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The All Music Guide says:
With MCA putting much of its rock promotion muscle behind metal and hard rock in the early 1990s, Chagall Guevara seemed to get lost in the shuffle. It's unfortunate, because the band showed some potential on this little-known CD. Not at all predictable, the melodic rockers have a very wide variety of direct or indirect influences — the album makes it sound like they were listening to everyone from Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and Alice Cooper to INXS. "Murder In the Big House" has an especially Cooper-ish groove, while "Take Me Back to Love Canal" exemplifies the band's more punk-influenced side, and "Rub of Love" hints at Lou Reed. Chagall Guevara should have done a lot better commercially.

Billboard Magazine Review (2/9/91) says:
"Nashville-based quintet serves up melodic, straight-on rock'n'roll on a debut disc with plenty of promise. Vocalist Steve Taylor has an ingratiatingly grainy style, while guitarists L. Arthur Nichols and Dave Perkins heat the tunes fervently. "Escher's World," "Monkey Grinder," and "Violent Blue" are strong for all rock formats; set-closing "If It All Comes True" is especially poignant, given current world affairs."