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'ROARING LAMBS' - 2000 (Conceived and executed by Dave Palmer)
1. Headstrong - by Jars of Clay (Written by Dan Haseltine, Charlie Lowell,
Matt Odmark and Steve Mason.  Produced by Dennis Herring)
2. Salt and Light - by Ashley Cleveland and Michael Tate (Written by
Ashley Cleveland, Kenny Greenberg, Michael Rhodes and Chad
Cromwell. Produed by Chad Cromwell and Michael Rhodes)
3. Out There - by Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith
(Written by Steven Curtis Chapman, Bob Brinder and Michael W.
Smith. Produced by STEVE TAYLOR)
4. One Thing - by Ginny Owens and Brent Bourgeois (Written by Brent
Bourgeois. Produced by Brent Bourgeois and Chris Rodriguez)
5. Shortstop - by Steve Taylor (Written and produced by STEVE TAYLOR)
6. Kingdom Come - by PFR (Written by Joel Hanson and Patrick Andrew.
Produced by Jimmy Lee Sloas)
7. 'Akehlulek' Ubaba (With God Everything Is Possible) - by
Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Charlie Peacock (Written by Joseph
Shabalala. Produced by Charlie Peacock)
8. Touch - by Deliriou5? (Written by Martin Smith and Stuart Garrard.
Produced by STEVE TAYLOR and Deliriou5?)
9. Daisies and Roses - by Burlap To Cashmere (Written by Steven
Delopoulos. Produced by STEVE TAYLOR and Steven Delopoulos)
10. Goodbye - by Over The Rhine (Written by Linford Detweiler and Karin
Bergquist. Produced by Dave Perkins and Linford Detwieler)
11. Wondering Where The Lions Are - by Bill Mallonee and Vigilantes
of Love (Written by Bruce Cockburn.  Produced by Bill Mallonee)
12. The Ground You Shook - by Sixpence None The Richer (Written and
produced by Matt Slocum)

Liner notes:

Bob Briner was a friend in the most proactive sense of the word.  It wasn't just that he made you feel welcomed when you came around.  No, Bob was a man who sought you out, wooed you, hunted you down and served you well with his friendship.  He wasn't afraid to get close enough to challenge you, to encourage you, to counsel you, or to inspire you.  To many of the people involved in the making of this record, Bob was just that kind of friend.
His friendship was all the more precious considering the other obligations on his time: He was a television executive, a professional sports agent, an author and a businessman.  Why he even bothered to invest himself so heavily in musicians and music industry types was a mystery to most of us at first.
In time, though, Bob's game plan started to make sense.  You couldn't know him for long without being confronted by his passion to see creative, thinking Christians redemptively involved in all aspects of their culture rather than standing on the sidelines attacking it.  What a tragedy, he would say, to keep such a deposit of talent and desire hidden behind church walls, insulated from the very culture we've been called to transform.
Bob called our collective bluff and demanded that we leave our comfortable places and insert ourselves into the larger cultural conversation.  It's by no means comprehensive.  Artists such as R&B star Kirk Franklin, pop singer Amy Grant, rap-core favorites P.O.D., punk veterans MXPX, jazz saxophonist Kirk Whalum, and scores of others are actively and effectively integrating their faith into the culture around them.  Many of the artists who did find their way onto this project did so because Bob himself invited them based on longtime friendships.
As Bob Briner's vision inspired so many of us, we hope this project inspires and challenges you.  Bob soccumbed to cancer in June of 1999.  In the wake of this loss, many people have wondered who will rise up to carry the mantle of Bob's vision.  The truth is that we are all called to carry that mantle: to be salt and light wherever we are.  We all need to learn how to break our own ground.  The key is to actually do it; to live loudly enough to be heard.
There's no formula here.  These sorts of waters are almost always uncharted.  The artists of Roaring Lambs have all traveled different roads and achieved various levels of material success and popularity.  Some have created pop hits.  Others have built a name through ongoing innovation in songwriting or production.  Still others have entrenched a place for themselves through years of commitment to the club circuit, or by rejuvenating a musical tradition, or by any of a thousand other ways.  The bottom line is that each of them have answered the call to pursue excellence in their craft, to willingly enter the 'markeplace of ideas,' and to let the light of God shine uniquely through their own lives and individual expressions.
In memory: RAB (1938-1999)


The Roaring Lambs album was conceived and directed by Dave Palmer

Roaring Lambs, the book that started it all.  Availabe from Zondervan Publishing House.  ISBN#0-310-59111-2

Roaring Lambs Student Curriculum - Helping Your High Schoolers Integrate Their Christian Beliefs With Real Life

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A portion of the proceeds from this record will be donated to the Bob & Marty Briner Roaring Lambs Scholarship Funds at Spring Arbor College and Greenville College.



Art direction: Buddy Jackson and Karinne Caulkins/Jackson Design

Design: Karinne Caulkins/Jackson Design

Photography: Ben Pearson

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