Mae East

You've already heard of Potiphar.
I'm his wife
I've always had a thing
for the finer things in life.
When my husband brought home Joseph
The trouble all began
Such a strong and handsome man.

I'm accustomed to attention
So of course I was surprised
I find I'm a victim who was never victimized.
I'd whisper, "Come on big boy give me a smile"
But that big boy wouldn't give me the time of a sun-dial

Everytime I'd look his way he'd say
"Don't look at me I only work here.
How can I sin against God.
I've got to flee temptation."
He wouldn't give me a nod.

I can't stand rejection and so one day
I figured out a way to make Joseph pay
I grabbed his coat and pulled it off
He turned around and ran
But I had exhibit A in my hot little hand.

When I showed it to my hubbie
He was very angry
Joseph went to jail 'cause of little old me
Now he sits in the dungeon
'cause he kept God's law
I oughta feel bad
but.... na

Every time I'd look his way...

"Don't look at me I only work here"
But he don't work here any more
I guess I oughta be regretful
But he was such a bore

Written by Steve Taylor © 1983

Recorded by The Continentals (vocals: Janet Croninger) on "Dreamer"

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