I Just Wanna Know

Life's too short for small talk
So don't be talking trivia now
Excess baggage fills this plane
There's more than we should allow
There's engines stalling
And good men falling
But I ain't crawling away

I just wanna know
Am I pulling people closer?
I just wanna be
Pulling them to you
I just wanna stay
Angry at the evil
I just wanna be
Hungry for the true

Folks play follow-the-leader
But who's the leader gonna obey?
Will his head get big when the toes get tapping?
I just wanna know are they catching what I say?

I'm a little too young to introspect
And I surely haven't paid all my dues
But there's bear traps lying in those woods
Most of 'em already been used

Search me, Father, and know my heart
Try me, and know my mind
And if there be any wicked way in me
Pull me to the rock that is higher than I

Written by Steve Taylor © 1985 Birdwing Music/C.A. Music (ASCAP)

Steve says, "During the recording of the 'On The Fritz' album, my co-producer Ian McDonald probably saved this song.  I'd written the words as a prayer, based loosely on Psalm 139:23-24 ('search me, O God, and know my heart...').  But for some reason, the night before I was to sing it I decided the verse lyrics were too simplistic, and I came up with something a bit more esoteric (and, in retrospect, lame).  Ian, who was not a Christian, and never seemed to have an interest in any of the lyrics, heard the words and thought it was a joke.  When I told him it was a rewrite, he pleaded with me to go back to the original.  I was so taken by surprise that he even cared, I went along with his wishes and sang the original verses.  I've been grateful to him ever since."
(Taken from liner notes to "Now The Truth Can Be Told")

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