Since I Gave Up Hope I Feel A Lot Better

Enter the young idealist chasing dragons to slay
Exit the hustler packing up his M.B.A.
Freshmen scream in a classroom, was there a sound?
First degree in a vacuum, I'm on college ground
Took a class, big fun
Modern Ethics 101
First day learned why
Ethics really don't apply
Prof says, 'One trait
Takes us to a higher state
Drug free, pure bliss
Get your pencil, copy this'

Life unwinds like a cheap sweater
But since I gave up hope, I feel a lot better
And the truth gets blurred like a wet letter
But since I gave up hope, I feel a lot better

Top of the class sits Ernest, he was brightest and best
Till the professor lured him to the hopeless nest
Now he lives for the shortcut like a citizen should
Tells the class with a wink, 'Only the young die good'
He says, "Ideals? Uncouth!
Fatalism needs youth
Eat well, floss right
Keep the hungry out of sight
Save face - nip and tuck
Praise yourself and pass the buck
And don't forget the best advice
Everybody's got a price'

While the world winds down to a final prayer
Nothing soothes quicker than complete despair
I predict by dinner I won't even care
Since I gave up hope, I feel a lot better

Nazis pead in a courtroom, 'Pardon me, Boys'
Profits fall in a boardroom, did they make a noise?
Someone spreads an affliction, company's nice
Someone sells an addiction, puts your soul on ice
Half-wits knock heads
Candidates in double beds
Good guys defect
'I can't precisely recollect'
Teacher's pet theory's fine
If you're born without a spine
Can't you spell wrong?
Sing it to 'em, Papa John

Written by Steve Taylor © 1987 Soylent Tunes

Taylor says, "I could bore you with trivia by telling you that of all my song titles, this one has the most words.  I could drop famous names by mentioning the improvisatory prowess on this track by famed Jefferson Airplane fiddler Papa John Creash.  But I think I'll just dare you to go digging by saying that of all the songs I've written, this one is perhaps most rewarded by a careful reading of the words."
(Taken from liner notes to "Now The Truth Can Be Told")

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