Some for the money, some for the show
Some for the credit, some expect it from the get go
Some get bush-leagued, some win the rings
Some get high reflecting glory that the good Lord brings

Shorstop, standing in the lurch
Bridging faith and field research
High-wire balance, every move is inspired
Hedge your bets and handicaps
Shortstop's here to mind the gaps

Lord, who will rise up when that number's retired?

Who will rise up?

Some get lazy, fake like they're lame
Some warm benches, got no passion for the big game

Who's got spirit?  Who do you love?
Whose right hand is firmly planted in a golden glove?

And the moral of the story?

Never send a towel-snappin',
Full o' balogna,
Sanctimony-spewing rookie in
To do a big man's job
Yessirree Bob

Who will rise up?

This song is on the album Roaring Lambs

Written by Steve Taylor © 2000 Soylent Tunes/Squint Songs (ASCAP)

Steve Taylor: Vocals
John Mark Painter: Piano, Bass, Horns
Dale Baker: Drum Corps.
Jerry McPherson: Guitars
Dave Perkins: Vocal coach
John Butler, Jay Swartzendruber: Baseball Coaches

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