Let It Go

There's an old man clinging to the way it was,
'Cause he doesn't know any better.
In his heart he's wishing for another chance,
But the past is not a forgetter.

Let it go
Let it go if your will is willing to dare.
Let it go and His open arms will be there.

There's a young man hanging on a pleasure wheel
That is slowly spinning him sorrow.
Though he knows exactly what he's gotta do,
He would rather wait 'til tomorrow.

Let it go...

Follow feelings to your heart's content,
But content's getting harder to find.
What's gonna give when you live like one of a kind?

From beyond the clamour when you hear a cry,
Do you think you're ready to listen?
You can scream excuses 'til the day you die,
But you don't know what you've been missin'.

Let it go...

Recorded by The Jeremiah People.  Written by Steve Taylor

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