We Don't Need No Colour Code

Down Carolina way
Live a man named O' Big B.J.
B.J. went and got a school
Founded on caucasian rule
Bumper sticker on his Ford
Says, 'honkies if you love the Lord'

We don't need no colour code
We don't need no colour code
Take your rules and hit the road
We don't need no colour code
Judgement day is goin' down
Better burn your cap and gown

White man speak with forked tongue
White supremists eat their young
Bigotry is on the loose
Ignorance is no excuse
I know Jesus loves that man
Even with the Greenville tan

Marching to pretoria (marching to pretoria)
Colour codes in churches, huh? (colour codes in churches, huh?)
Following a fascist creed (following a...what?)
Whose translation do you read? (<stammering>)
True believers won't be snowed
We don't need no colour code

We ain't playing dead this time
This is where we draw the line

Written by Steve Taylor © 1984 Birdwing Music/Cherry Lane Music Publishing Co., Inc./C.A. Music (ASCAP)

Steve says, "I did make a few people mad with this one, including one Bob Jones III, who graciously informed me in a letter that at the time of the song's release, the matter was discussed with the school's attorney and legal recourse was seriously considered.  Hmmm, I wonder why they didn't sue?"
(taken from liner notes to "Now The Truth Can Be Told")

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