Bottle Rocket

You've got clueless commentators
Telling folks to stay inside
You've got light investigators
Pulling shades and terrified
You've got powers of the darkness
Blowing smoke to dim the sky
Your psychics look a little anxious
Anybody out there wonder why?

I've got a bottle rocket
I've got a bottle rocket
I've got a bottle rocket
Got a little light to testify
No power's gonna block it
No darkness gonna stop it
I've got a bottle rocket
Gonna let it fly
Let it fly

You've got experts on retainer
Bracing for the next attack
You've got allies dimming lights
From Hollywood to Dr. Jack
You enact a good news blackout
Think you've got us on the run?
Well, read the book of Acts and weep
The light of Jesus can't be overcome

I've got a bottle rocket...

Isn't light
When it's found
Bottle bound

Recorded by Guardian.  Lyrics by Steve Taylor, Jamie Rowe, Tony Palacios, and David Bach

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